UPDATED Resources For Comics Industry Businesses Impacted By Coronavirus

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UPDATED 4/15/20 to reflect new State-by-State resources.

The Coronavirus crisis impacts all of us. To help support the comics business community that makes our mission possible, we’ve assembled this clearinghouse resource for financial aid, training tools, and other information. We’re continuing to monitor the situation surrounding the outbreak and will provide updates and resources for retailers here on an ongoing basis. If you see something we haven’t listed yet, please let us know by emailing info@cbldf.org. For updates on other Comics Businesses around the United States and the world, check out CBLDF’s Retailer Spotlight on COVID-19. To find resources that help your employees, friends, and loved ones impacted by the crisis, check out our resource for Comics Creators which offers tools for freelance and W2 employees who have experienced loss of income.

We’re going to get through this, together.

Immediate Steps to Take During the COVID-19 Outbreak

  • ​Contact your landlord and ask for rent relief. This resource from the American Booksellers Association maps out best practices for considering and making your ask. Here is a CNBC article with additional advice.
  • Most public utilities, phone and internet companies, are providing deferred billing and other measures to support communities during the crisis. This USA Today article outlines what major companies are doing. Find out what your providers are doing and factor that into your expense management strategy.
  • Promote your e-commerce site. Offer free or inexpensive shipping, home delivery, or curb-side pickup to encourage shopping on your site.
    • CBLDF is promoting the efforts of our retailer members here. Please share your information with us, and we’ll amplify your message. Email: siena.fallon@cbldf.org to add your update to our resource.
  • If you don’t have an e-commerce site, there are several options to set one up quickly. ComicHub has waived its installation fee and reduced its cost for CBLDF and ComicsPRO members. American Booksellers Association offers an e-commerce platform for its members that is available free through May 31 that will get you up and running within a few days. Alternatively, bookstores can sign up as an affiliate and sell through Bookshop.
  • Lobby your local government officials for loans, grants, and other support for small businesses; as a guide, see how San Francisco and New York City are offering support. We’ve assembled a state by state list of financial aid resources below. Please use that as a starting point and check your local city or town websites for information. Please notify us of any resources you find that we haven’t listed by emailing info@cbldf.org.
  • Notify your sales reps if your store is closed and not accepting inventory.

Opportunities for Financial Assistance and Other Resources

This list is a work-in-progress aggregating national, state, and local resources providing aid for small businesses, including comics retailers. Some aid may also be applicable for other businesses including publishers and creators, depending on each individual agency’s requirements.

The best resources we’ve found so far are from SBDC Michigan and Greater Portland, who provide information, webinars, and tools applicable to all businesses managing the crisis. Check those out in addition to your state and city resources for ideas that may help you weather the crisis better.

Wherever possible, this list links to resources providing specific forms or procedures for applying for financial assistance, not announcements or public health resources. Please email us with any new resources you find – info@cbldf.org

National Programs

State Programs