New to You Comic Book Day and Your Shop

Spring has seen a pause in the release of new comic books. But that doesn’t mean comic shops can’t still celebrate Wednesday as New Comic Book Day. Richard John Early, owner of Paradox Comics-N-Cards, helped create New to You Comic Book Day, a way for retailers to promote already published stories to their customers.

New to You Comic Book Day is a great way for retailers to sell existing stock by highlighting stories they love to new readers. Here are some tips on using the day to your best advantage!

Promote Timely Stories that You Love

New to You Comic Book Day is all about sharing stories with new people. That works best when you pick something you love. Go through your stock and find comics that resonate with you. Think about what people want to read right now. It might be the perfect time to spotlight your favorite uplifting read. Choosing a comic that you love ensures that you’ll be able to talk it up to your audience. New to You Comic Book Day is really just a form of virtual handselling. Lean into what you love. It’s part of what makes your customers come to your shop!

Promote Your Picks on Social Media

The best way to promote your New to You Comic Book Day picks are through social media. Record a quick video of you talking about the comics you’re promoting and what makes them great. Share that on your store’s Facebook page or Instagram. You can also tweet your recommendations. Use the hashtag #NTYCBD to get your posts in front of more people. Make sure to include details on how to purchase the books from you in all your posts, adding a link to your online store will result in the best conversion.

Work With Comic Creators

Creators want to help you sell their books. Tag them in your social boosts so they have the opportunity to signal boost your recommendation of their work. Creators like Matt Rosenberg have been using the hashtag themselves. Try reaching out to creators to see if they’ll do a New to You Comic Book Day recommendation for your store. Ask them to pick a comic they love that you have in stock. A recommendation from a creator can help send their fans to your shop to pick up the comic.

Try Out a Promotional Discount

Consider tying a limited time discount to the books you’re promoting on New to You Comic Book Day. Adding a discount can incentivize people picking up the books you spotlight. If you have an online store, you can use a NTYCBD coupon code that’s tied to the comics you plugged.

However you choose to use it, New to You Comic Book Day is a great way to keep your customers engaged with your shop while you wait for comic book production to get back into full swing. Give it a try and remind your customers what great stories can be told through comics!

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