CBLDF Launches a New Summer Reading Challenge

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is launching an all new Summer Reading Challenge to encourage a diverse and continuous reading habit through graphic novels and comic books! Are you up for the challenge? Join the CBLDF Summer Reading Challenge and read a new graphic novel each week this summer!

Every week, you’ll get a fun new prompt. Find a comic or graphic novel that fits to read that week. Once you’re done reading, write down the title and check it off! Read 12 different graphic novels that fit the prompts to complete the challenge!

Download a PDF of the Challenge Checklist here and fill it in with the graphic novel you read for each challenge!

CBLDF encourages you to find your local comic shop using our CBLDF Retailer Member Directory or the Comic Shop Locator and see if they’re taking part. Participating stores will be offering recommended graphic novels to help you complete the challenge. Some may be offering prizes and giveaways for those who take the challenge.

Let people know you’re in on the challenge by sharing this Summer Reading Challenge poster with art by Sas Milledge!

Download a PDF of this poster here!

Want to take the challenge on your own? Download the checklist and read a graphic novel that fits each challenge. Each week, CBLDF will be posting suggested books and inviting the community to share their picks too with #CBLDFSummerReads. You can add your own incentive for completing the challenge: give yourself a reward for each week completed or for completing the entire 12-week goal! 

Have more questions? Check out the CBLDF Summer Reading Challenge FAQ!

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