CBLDF’s “Virtual Event Safety” Resource Helps You Support Your Community!

Ensure the safety of your patrons with CBLDF’s new best practices guide, “Virtual Event Safety.” This simple visual reference will support retailers, educators, libraries, and creators who are using online gathering tools in making wise decisions to protect themselves and the people joining their events!

Virtual events are a great way to build community and spread the love of comics. From virtual book clubs to online comic cons, there are tons of exciting ways to stay engaged with your patrons. Just as you practice safety procedures in your classroom, library, or store, there’re ways to ensure your online events are safer for everyone too. CBLDF is here to help! Using this resource is a great way to host fun online events that will help you anticipate issues and protect the well-being of everyone who attends.

“Staying connected through online events is becoming second nature,” says CBLDF Education Coordinator Karen Evans. “As we adapt to this new way of doing things in a constantly changing environment, it’s vital to keep in mind how to protect each other, especially kids. This resource helps any kind of event organizer with tips on how to protect privacy, manage inappropriate behavior, and protect young people. It also has a helpful checklist and table to help you make decisions for hosting your event.”

Virtual Event Safety PDF

For more tips on hosting a great virtual event, check out our retailer resource: Tips on Hosting a Virtual Event for Your Store.

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