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It’s more important than ever to stand up for what’s right. Even as we celebrate Pride, identity censorship, a form of censorship that targets books and speakers based on the identity of the author or characters in a book, remains a major threat. LGBTQ+ content is the most frequent target of identity censorship, including 8 of the 10 most banned books of 2019. Right now, states across the country are proposing legislation that targets LGBTQ+ creators; author events are being canceled, books are being challenged, and community programs like Drag Queen Story Hour are being attacked. When this happens, CBLDF fights back.

We’re standing up to fight bans of LGBTQ+ creators, books, and events all over the country, but we can’t do it without your help. Join us in the fight against identity censorship by using these valuable resources we’ve created to support our community. You can also support this work by becoming a CBLDF member today.

Please use and share our resources to help fight identity censorship. Use the hashtag #DontBanMe and spread the word that every voice should be heard no matter how the speaker identifies.

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Printable Resources


Below are two installments of the CBLDF webinar series that focus on identity censorship and LGBTQ+ comics.

Addressing Identity Censorship

Identity censorship is the most frequent form of intellectual freedom challenge in today’s environment. From moral panic about Drag Queen Story Hour to frequent challenges to LGBTQ+ comics, books, and authors, this disturbing trend is gaining traction. In this webinar, John Spears, Chief Librarian of the Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado Springs, and author Lilah Sturges share their experiences fighting identity censorship to help prevent future challenges. Watch it anytime at

Panelists: Lilah Sturges is a New York Times Bestselling writer whose works include the Prism Award–winning Lumberjanes: The Infernal Compass, The Magicians: Alice’s Story, and numerous titles for DC Comics and other publishers. She lives in Austin, Texas, with two teenage daughters and two cats.

John Spears, Chief Librarian, and CEO of Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Take PRIDE in Comics: The Challenges Facing LGBTQ+ Content

In celebration of PRIDE month, we asked a panel of creators, educators, librarians, and retailers to discuss the challenges facing LGBTQ+ comics. During this informative session, cartoonist Paige Braddock, the Eisner-nominated creator of Jane’s World; historian, educator, and creator Justin Hall, the editor of award-winning anthology No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics; librarian and activist Valerie Acklin, a member of the American Library Association’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT); and retailer Katie Proctor, the owner of Portland, Oregon’s inclusive comic book store, Books With Pictures, discuss the history of censorship of LGBTQ+ comics, why LGBTQ+ comics are an important part of any library or classroom collection, and what we can do to defend LGBTQ+ content from censors.

Tools for Adding, Using, and Teaching LGBTQ+ Graphic Novels and Comics


Fun Home


Stuck Rubber Baby

That One Summer


My Brother’s Husband



 Join CBLDF and share our resources with your community to help fight identity censorship. Use the hashtag #DontBanMe and spread the word that every voice should be heard no matter how the speaker identifies. Voice your support by checking out the CBLDF Don’t Ban Me collection on Teespring. Grab a t-shirt or a sticker and show that you’re willing to take a stand against identity censorship.