5 Library Victories Over Censorship

“Investing in libraries is investing in our community.”

This week is National Library Week, and today is Take Action for Libraries Day. It’s a day to join with other library advocates to spread the word about all the benefits libraries provide to the community. It’s also a chance to take action and call elected officials to ask for sufficient funding to ensure our libraries have what they need.

Over the last several decades, the fight against censorship has been shifting away from retailer arrests and store closures. We see censorship in the challenges and bans of books in our public and school libraries. Hubs of learning and resources, libraries are becoming an even greater part of protecting the comic arts from censorship.

Around the country, librarians are fighting for our rights; there are currently several active challenges. We recently sent a letter opposing Georgia Senate Bill 226 targeting books in schools and their libraries. National attention has also landed on Leander, Texas, after the recent removal of six books. These are both reminders that there is no better day than today to take action.

The American Library Association has provided the following action plan.

  • Remind your community how important it is to #FundLibraries – as Congress develops their yearly budget proposal, it’s vital that they include increased funding for libraries through the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Ask your members of Congress to #FundLibraries, and find out more about how you can support library funding here
  • Invite your members of Congress to a virtual tour of your library! With our new virtual tour checklist and example videos, you can plan a successful visit to showcase the impacts your library has on your community. 

In honor of the libraries and librarians across the country, we’re highlighting five victories libraries have achieved for our First Amendment rights and our communities.

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