CBLDF at the Alamo Drafthouse — Free Screening and Panel

Houston-area residents prepare for a double-feature! This Wednesday, February 9, at 7:30 PM, the Alamo Drafthouse in Katy, Texas, will be hosting a free screening of Michelle Mower’s The Never List, followed by a panel discussion about the recent wave of book bans and censorship in Texas.

The panel discussion will include graphic novelist MariNaomi, who plays themself in the film, writer and author Addie Tsai, and CBLDF coalition director Betsy Gomez. Texas has been a hot spot for book challenges and censorship in schools and libraries this past year. As recently as last fall, MariNaomi’s graphic novel Losing the Girl was banned in Katy ISD. This event is an opportunity for Texas community members to hear the latest updates and learn what they can do.

Film synopsis:

16-year old Eva (Fivel Stewart) is as overachieving as they come. Running for student class president while juggling a heavy academic schedule and planning the upcoming school dance, Eva dreams of becoming a comic book artist – something she knows her helicopter mom would never support.

Since elementary school, Eva and her BFF Liz (Brenna D’Amico) have cosplayed their alter-egos, “Vicky” and “Veronica,” as a way to release the pressure they feel. Together, they imagine Vicky and Veronica doing highly questionable, even illegal, acts that the real Eva and Liz would never do… acts they document in “The Never List.” When Liz dies in a tragic accident, Eva is filled with anger and regret thinking about all the things Liz never did out of fear of risking her future… a future she ultimately would never have. Eva decides the best way to honor her best friend’s memory is to complete The Never List.

At first this journey leads her to romance and adventure, but as the list progresses, her actions begin threatening the very foundations of her carefully planned teenage life and even her own future.

You can pick up your tickets for free at the box office or reserve your seat ahead of time by purchasing a $5 food or drink voucher. Sponsors for the event include Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP), Imprint Houston, QFest: The Houston International LGBTQ Film Festival, and Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

For more info and ticketing, click here.

CBLDF and its partners have been battling ongoing and organized attempts to censor comics and other books in schools and libraries. The ban of Maus is just the latest — and most high profile — attempt to limit access to information. You can join the struggle by making a donation or reporting censorship today!