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Part 6: U.S. v. Comics

U.S. v. Comics within the image of a stamp

This week the science has spoken, as the publication of the notorious Seduction of the Innocent sets up a landmark senatorial showdown.

Part 5: U.S. v. Comics

Recent attempts to censor graphic novels and manga have resurrected the claim that comics are bad for kids’ mental health. Today’s episode of U.S. v. Comics examines the origins of this assertion in what was once considered to be cutting-edge…

Part 3: U.S. v. Comics

U.S. v. Comics within the image of a stamp

In the newest episode of the webseries U.S. v. Comics by Ian Rosenberg and Mike Cavallaro, E.C. Comics and Publisher William Gaines bring a fresh perspective to the comics industry – and embark on a collision course with history.

Looking Back on Oklahoma’s War on Comics

With the conclusion of Wizard World Tulsa, local news outlet Tulsa World took a look back on the war Tulsa and neighboring Oklahoma cities waged against comics in the mid-1950s. From book swaps exchanging comics for perceived “higher literature” and independent review committees organized by…