Anime News Network Covers CBLDF’s Defending Manga Panel at NYCC

Over the weekend, Crystalyn Hodgkins from Anime News Network wrote about the CBLDF: Defending Manga panel from NYCC. CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein was joined by ALC Publishing’s Erica Friedman and’s Deb Aoki for an informative panel about CBLDF’s history of defending manga — including the Jesus Castillo case, the Handley case, and the current Canada Customs Case — and why manga is frequently a target of censors. Aoki described why the latter often happens:

Aoki added that while many in the audience may be used to the manga style, people who aren’t familiar with manga would see many manga characters and think they looked like children, or younger than they really are. Brownstein also added that it is important to reach out to people to educate them about the manga style so as to help them to understand the style. Aoki also added that many of those who aren’t familiar with manga assume it’s hentai and perverted, and it’s important to educate people so they don’t have that stereotype.

You can read the full article here.

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