NCAC Film Contest Lets Kids Fight Censorship

Each year, the National Coalition Against Censorship — a frequent CBLDF partner and organizers of the CBLDF-sponsored Kids’ Right to Read Project — produces the Youth Free Expression Project Film Contest. We recently came across the website for the 2012 semifinalists and found some pretty amazing youth-made videos condemning book banning.

In defending books by Mexican Americans, Huckleberry Finn, In Our Mothers’ House, Harry Potter, and more, a talented group of kids put together videos on the theme “You’re Reading What?!” The students’ videos advocate for the right to read, and the filmmakers frequently employing youthful enthusiasm and humor to reinforce their arguments against censorship.

Below is a video by Gio Garcia, discussing the dissolution of the MAS program in Tucson. You can view the rest of the videos here.

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