CBLDF Liberty Annual Named One of the Most Outstanding Comics of the Year!

The CBLDF Liberty Annual 2015 has been named one of The Village Voice’s outstanding comics of 2015!

Alongside fourteen other great books, the CBLDF Liberty Annual 2015 stands proudly as probably the most hilarious book on the list. A tribute to National Lampoon and other long lost humor magazines, this year’s Annual brought together an elite list of comics creators to tackle Satanism, prostitution, pornography, war, awkward sex, gratuitous violence, and all the other things that aren’t typical fodder for punchlines. A love letter to literary parody magazines, we are proud showcase the talents of of John Arcudi, Jeffrey Brown, Derek Charm, Tyler Crook, Vanesa Del Rey, Evan Dorkin, Nate Doyle, Duncan Fegredo, Bob Fingerman, Tom Fowler, Sina Grace, Gabriel Hardman, Eric Powell, R. Sikoryak, Gabe Soria, Art Spiegelman, Fred Van Lente, editor DA Cox, and more!

“If you’re seeking chortles, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Liberty Anyool ($5, which helps support the CBLDF’s anti-censorship efforts) delivers more than a few,” writesR.C. Baker for The Village Voice, adding:

One page hilariously parodies the endless variations of the Archie line — Archie gets married, Archie dies, Archie battles zombies. Here the Riverdale teens are in ‘Nam, surrounded by Viet Cong heads on stakes; the tagline reads, “Archie still won’t stop crying! Now, Jughead must face down the enemy alone in ‘Massacre Along the Mekong!’” Elsewhere artist R. Sikoryak perfectly echoes Scott Adams’s Dilbert to reboot Melville’s “Bartleby, the Scrivener.” Somehow, the poignancy of the closing lines survives in this loving spoof: “Ah Bartlebert! Ah humanity!”

If you’re looking for laughs as well as a way to support the free speech work of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund this 48-page book is the one for you. You can get your own copy of the CBLDF Liberty Annual here.

Thank you to everyone who donated their time and talent to make this book one of 2015’s outstanding comics! See the full list of outstanding comics of 2015 here.

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