Classic X-Men Graphic Novels Signed by Chris Claremont Benefit CBLDF!

This week we are thrilled to reward your donations with a selection of classic X-Men graphic novels signed by Chris Claremont, longtime CBLDF supporter and one of the most influential authors in comics! We’re proud to offer our donors signed copies of his celebrated graphic novels, including the character-defining Wolverine by Claremont & Miller HC, signed by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller; classic stories that have altered the course of the Marvel Universe, including X-Men: Days of Future Past TPX-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga TP, and X-Men Legion: Shadow King Rising TP, all signed by Claremont; plus colossal collections of Claremont’s vast body of work, including New Mutants Epic Collection: Renewal TP and The Marvel Universe by Chris Claremont HC, both signed by Claremont! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grab one of these incredible X-Men GNs, signed by the author whose work defined the series–donate to CBLDF today! Keep reading or follow the links provided for more information.


We’re excited to offer copies of Wolverine’s very first self-titled series, Wolverine by Claremont & Miller HC, signed by legendary creators Frank Miller and Chris Claremont! This hardcover collects all four issues of the limited run, and is available here!

darkphoenixsaga daysfuturepastshadowkingrising

Grab a copy of X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga TPX-Men: Days of Future Past TP, and X-Men Legion: Shadow King Rising TP, all signed by Chris Claremont! These classic stories have made their way to the big and small screens, and are required reading for any Marvel fan–donate today to grab your own signed copy!

newmutantsrenewal marvelubyclaremont

We’re also offering a few collected editions of Claremont’s work: New Mutants Epic Collection: Renewal TP and The Marvel Universe by Chris Claremont HC, both signed by Chris Claremont–donate to CBLDF today to grab your copy!

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