Chris Claremont Personalizes Classic X-Men GNs for CBLDF Donors!

We are thrilled to announce that legendary author Chris Claremont, whose work on X-Men changed the landscape of the Marvel Universe, is personalizing a slew of classic X-Men graphic novels to benefit CBLDF’s First Amendment work! For a limited time only, we’re offering the chance to have Chris Claremont inscribe one of his character-defining X-Men graphic novels to you or a friend! Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity–grab a personalized copy of one of these incredible graphic novels here, or by clicking on the images below!

shadowkingrising darkphoenixsaga daysfuturepast uncannyxmen newmutantsrenewal newmutantsvalkyries_1024x1024 marvelubyclaremont excalibur_1024x1024

Personalization requests are due by Friday, April 13th!

All orders will be shipped by Wednesday, April 25th.

Here’s how the personalization works:

When you place your order with the CBLDF for these premiums, you can have each of the offered books personalized to one or two names, and Chris will sign and personalize the book on a high quality CBLDF-branded bookplate. When you place your order, please include your personalization request in the “Note” section of the checkout page. (Chris will not be able to provide sketches or other messages.)

Don’t miss out on these great items and more — visit the CBLDF Rewards Zone today! All proceeds benefit CBLDF’s important First Amendment work!