Summer Reading Fun with CBLDF!

The initial excitement of summer is over, and while there is still a ways to go, chances are some parents are now hearing the familiar cries of “I’m bored” or stuck in arguments over how much time is spent watching television. Other parents are worried about that summer slip, where good kids get out of the habit of learning, dreading the excruciating start to each school year where time is wasted getting back into good habits.

Well CBLDF has plenty of resources for parents to use to help come up with ideas for summer reading! Comics are a great choice to keep kids in the habit of reading during summer break. Comics also make for a great book club selection, even if the book club is just one parent and one child.

Check out CBLDF resource Panel Power, which provides an introduction to comics and background on why they’re great for kids! A tool for battling misconceptions about the format and filled with information about the benefits of comics, fun activities, and reading recommendations for engaging kids with comics, Panel Power is an essential resource for retailers, educators, librarians, and parents!

Flip through a copy below or pick up a bundle of them for friends and family at CBLDF Reward Zone.

The CBLDF column, Using Graphic Novels in Education, can also be a great resource for parents looking to foster a love of reading with kids of every age! Check out some of these comics and the resources provided, to get started!

  • Babymouse by Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm is an award-winning graphic novel series that showcases the trials and tribulations of elementary school students and teachers, as seen through the eyes of Babymouse, as spunky, lovable mouse who wrestles with popularity, quirky lockers, competition — in the school band, school play, math Olympics, and even the best birthday party ever — and more. Ages 7+
  • Nathan Hale’s Hazardous TalesBy Nathan Hale is an award-winning graphic novel series that showcases major events and individuals in history, primarily United States history. The series has won a ton of awards, and is a fun way to spark an interest in American history.Ages: 8+
  • Drama by Raina Telgemeier is one of the most challenged books in schools and libraries in the years since it has come out. It centers around a middle school girl named Callie. When her love of theater doesn’t match her singing ability, she decides to join the tech department. A charming graphic novel about the trials and tribulations of relationships and theater in middle school. Ages 10+
  • Lumberjanes written by Noelle Stenvenson and Grace Ellis; illustrated by Brooke Allen, is an ongoing coming-of-age series about friendship and girl-power in the great outdoors. It is filled with humor and adventure as a lovably quirky diverse group of friends tackle wild, mystical mysteries using anagrams, astronomy, and Fibonacci series’ strategies, mixed in with brain power and pure brawn. Lumberjanes is a New York Times bestseller and multiple award-winner. Ages: 12+
  • This One Summer by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki delicately balances the nostalgic power of summer traditions with the often harsh and intruding lessons of life. It embraces readers of all ages as two tween girls, local townie teens, and one set of parents all tangle in the delicate balances of friendships and relationships, grapple with the pains of growing up, deal with the torments of depression and of wanted and unwanted pregnancies, and cope with the heartbreaks and hopes of life.Ages 12+
  • Sandman by Neil Gaiman has become a classic and essential multi-volume series to be included in any graphic novel collection. A journey that can stand proudly alongside some of the best modern fantasy and science fiction novels, the series is highly literate, with the incorporation of literary references and mythologies spanning the entire cannon of English Literature.Ages 17+

These are just a few of the many resources available for parents, teachers, and librarians on Take a look around to get some ideas for how to start a book club. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to get weekly updates on everything that going on at!

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