Eddie Campbell Signed and Sketched Graphic Novels Benefit CBLDF!

This week CBLDF supporters have the chance to support our First Amendment work and grab an incredible new graphic novel signed and sketched by the illustrious Eddie Campbell! We’re offering some of Campbell’s most celebrated works, including: From Hell Hardcover Edition; Alec: The Years Have Pants Life-Sized Omnibus SC; Bacchus Omnibus Volumes One and Two; and his newest title, Goat Getters Hardcover! Each of these graphic novels is signed and sketched by Eddie on an official CBLDF bookplate, and all proceeds support our work fighting for free expression in comics! Through February 28th, you can also grab a digital copy of From Hell and $500+ worth of other great digital comics (or any other bundle!) by visiting Humble Bundle–so act fast! Donate today to help us continue our important work!


fromhellhc alec

From Hell HC, signed & sketched by Eddie Campbell!

Alec: The Years Have Pants Life -Sized Omnibus SC, signed & sketched by Eddie Campbell!

bacchus1 bacchus2

Bacchus Omnibus Vol 1 GN, signed & sketched by Eddie Campbell!

Bacchus Omnibus Vol 2 GN, signed & sketched by Eddie Campbell!


Goat Getters HC, signed & sketched by Eddie Campbell!

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