Defend Comics with CBLDF on Free Comic Book Day!

Defend Comics 2019
This Saturday, May 4th, people will gather at comic book shops around the world to celebrate Free Comic Book Day! Don’t forget to pick up CBLDF’s Defend Comics, with cover art by Derek Charm!

This year’s comic has stories the whole family can enjoy together, with tales by Nathan Hale, Brian Fies, Bill Griffith, and more!

From the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, this anthology features previews of some of 2019’s most anticipated graphic novels from Abrams Comic Arts, Boom Studios, and Oni Press! Some stories may help open up a dialogue about the First Amendment with children, but all are guaranteed to delight parents and kids alike! So pick up a copy and read it together, and don’t forget to support your local comic shop! Find a shop near you by visiting or calling 1-888-COMIC BOOK


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