Fight Censorship of The Walking Dead with GNs Signed by Kirkman & Adlard!

After sixteen years, 193 issues, and multiple television spin-offs, this week marks the end of the line for The Walking Dead‘s ongoing comic series. Even as the series winds down, it’s experiencing censorship – earlier this week CBLDF protested an Idaho school district’s decision that would remove the title from their libraries and ban personal copies from being brought into the school. Join CBLDF in celebrating the beloved series by donating today to receive graphic novels including: The Walking Dead Deluxe HC Volumes One and TwoTWD Compendium Volumes One and TwoTWD Omnibus Volume One Slipcase, and TWD: Here’s Negan HC; all signed by author Robert Kirkman or illustrator Charlie Adlard! Your donations help us keep books like The Walking Dead available to readers everywhere! Donate today to grab one of these excellent premiums and support CBLDF’s important work!

twd hc v1 twdv2

The Walking Dead Deluxe HC Volume One, signed by Robert Kirkman OR Charlie Adlard!

The Walking Dead Deluxe HC Volume Two, hand-signed by Charlie Adlard!

twd compendium twd comp 2

The Walking Dead Compendium SC Volume One, signed by Robert Kirkman!

The Walking Dead Compendium SC Volume Two, signed by Charlie Adlard!

twdomni twdnegan

The Walking Dead Omnibus Slipcase Volume One, signed by Robert Kirkman!

The Walking Dead: Here’s Negan HC, hand-signed by Charlie Adlard!

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