Kevin Eastman Signed & Sketched TMNT HCs Benefit CBLDF!


This week CBLDF is rewarding our donors with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collections signed & sketched by iconic creator Kevin Eastman! You can support our important work and grab a brand-new hardcover signed and sketched by Eastman to benefit CBLDF. We’re offering TMNT Artisan Edition and TMNT: Bodycount HCs, both signed and sketched by author and illustrator Kevin Eastman. Don’t wait, donate today to get your very own signed copy!

tmnt artisaned tmntartisansig

TMNT Artisan Edition HC, signed & sketched by Kevin Eastman!

tmntbodycountsig tmntbodyct

TMNT: Bodycount HC, signed & sketched by Kevin Eastman!

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