Support CBLDF With Graphic Novels Signed by Neil Gaiman!


This week CBLDF supporters have the opportunity to donate to CBLDF and receive some incredible graphic novels, all signed by the wonderful Neil Gaiman! You can also donate and grab a copy of a brand-new Sandman Death and Dream prints, illustrated and signed by legendary illustrator and frequent collaborator David Mack! And don’t miss out on signed copies of Sandman: Overture HC, Sandman Vol 1  Absolute Edition, Death Deluxe HC, Miracleman: The Golden Age HC, and The Complete Graveyard Book HC–all signed by Neil Gaiman to support CBLDF’s important work!

gaimanMack_dream gaimanMack_death

Dream Quote Neverwear Limited Print, signed by David Mack!

Death Quote Neverwear Limited Print, signed by David Mack!

Sandman Overture  death_1_1024x1024

Sandman: Overture HC, signed by Neil Gaiman!

Sandman Absolute Edition Volume One, signed by Neil Gaiman!

Death Deluxe HC, signed by Neil Gaiman!

miracleman Graveyard Book

Miracleman: The Golden Age HC, signed by Neil Gaiman or Mark Buckingham!

The Complete Graveyard Book HC, signed by Neil Gaiman!

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