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More than ever, schools and libraries are eager to include comics in their collections and programming, and no one is better positioned to help them navigate the landscape than comic book retailers!  Learn the secrets of selling comics to schools and libraries in this information-packed webinar series by Jennifer Haines!  Unlike box stores and online retailers, comic book stores do more than simply deliver a product; they are a hub of their community.  Developing community-facing events and services can give your store a leg up in the current retail environment. In this five-part retailer training webinar series, we’ll show you:

  • How to develop relationships with local schools & libraries
  • How to identify and promote the services your store can offer
  • How to use academic language to communicate the pedagogical value of comics
  • How to incorporate store incentives to boost student visits
  • How to create activities that will engage students

Every retailer will receive a certificate of completion for each webinar they complete.  In addition, we’ll include your store in our list of CBLDF Certified Retailers, which we provide online and include in our educator and librarian publications.

UPDATE: Because of unforeseen circumstances arising from the current COVID-19 crisis, this webinar will be rescheduled. We’ll reach out to you with new registration information when it becomes available.

Part 1: Connecting with Schools & Libraries  In this introduction webinar, Jenn provides an overview of how retailers can connect with schools and libraries in their communities, the types of services educators and librarians would find useful, and the types of incentives and activities that will bring students into your store.

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Jennifer Haines is owner of The Dragon, an award-winning comics and games store headquartered in Guelph, Ontario. She is also ComicsPRO Vice-President and a member of the Ontario College of Teachers. With over ten years experience as an educator and extensive knowledge of comics, Ms. Haines is in a unique position to help comic retailers build a school client base.