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CBLDF needs your help today! CBLDF has been on the front lines protecting the comic industry’s First Amendment rights all while providing essential resources to help comics businesses and educators get through the COVID-19 crisis. Just this week, we aided Pulitzer Prize–winning cartoonist Nick Anderson in restoring his political cartoon to the online merchant Redbubble. We can’t do this essential work without your help. That’s why we’re asking you to become a CBLDF member today.

Some of the best creators in comics are offering special experiences that you can receive when you become a CBLDF member. You’ll also receive an exclusive CBLDF sticker pack. Use the stickers to show that you’re a member of the CBLDF community. Already a CBLDF member? You’re invited to join in and attend these incredible experiences as a membership perk.

Next week, CBLDF members have two incredible opportunities to spend time with comic book greats! On Wednesday, June 3rd at 1 pm PST, join Chris Ryall and John Barber, the Publisher and Editor in Chief of IDW, and find out what it takes to break into the comic industry and stay there in this exclusive Q&A.

Follow that up on Thursday, June 4th at 4 pm PST for a Live Art Drawing with comic artist Jim Mahfood! Hang with Jim as he draws live and talks you through his creative process. Learn what it takes to draw comics and ask questions about Jim’s career in the industry.

Take a look at all the experiences available to CBLDF members:

Your membership supports essential work. Take a look at what your support can help accomplish.

  • CBLDF successfully aided Pulitzer Prize–winning cartoonist Nick Anderson in his fight to restore his political cartoon to online merchant Redbubble after a takedown.
  • Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, CBLDF has developed essential resources to help comics businesses and educators, including government aid analysis, retailer trainings, and remote learning tools.
  • We’re providing legal and financial support for a group of cartoonists at risk of having their work altered, confiscated, or suppressed in a copyright battle.
  • The CBLDF legal team monitors and combats unconstitutional legislation including library censorship bills in Missouri and Tennessee and new internet and retail censorship laws in Utah and Iowa.
  • CBLDF continues to fight against the rising tide of identity censorship by combating challenges to diverse books like Fun Home and Drama and standing against targeted event bans.
  • Our education desk is developing vital tools for the changing needs of schools and libraries including the recently launched League of Graphic Novel Educators, a bimonthly program aimed to support the use of comics in the classroom.

Please become a CBLDF member. Your membership provides the funds we need to do our work and stand to fight censorship. Become a part of the CBLDF community — join today!

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