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Cartoonist Susie Cagle Arrested, Released During Weekend Occupy Oakland Protests

by Betsy Gomez

Over the weekend, more than 400 people were taken in during a mass arrest in response to the latest Occupy Oakland protests. Cartoonist Susie Cagle, who was arrested during protests in November, was one of several credential journalists taken in during the mass arrest despite Oakland Police Department policy that members of the media never be targeted because of their status as journalists. This time, Cagle was released on site, when an officer recognized Cagle from her last arrest. Cagle was told that they were doing her a “favor” upon her release.

The Daily Cartoonist has a rundown of Cagle’s tweets during the arrest and release here. Cagle wrote an article for AlterNet a few days before the latest protests, outlining OPD’s new policies regarding protests. Gavin Aronsen with Mother Jones, another journalist arrested during the protests, details his experience — which seems to contravene the policy OPD laid out for Cagle — here.

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Betsy Gomez is the Web Editor for CBLDF.

Charges Against Cartoonist Susie Cagle Dropped

In early November, cartoonist and journalist Susie Cagle was arrested while covering the Occupy Oakland protests. Thanks to assistance from the Society of Professional Journalists, the Oakland Police Department has dropped all charges against Cagle. SPJ wrote a letter to Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and interim Police Chief Howard Jordan condemning Cagle’s arrest. Keep reading…

Susie Cagle One of the Contributors to Cartoon Movement’s Occupy Sketchbook

From assembly to free speech, the Occupy Movement has become one of the most all-embracing and polarizing exercises of First Amendment rights that our country has seen. Cartoonists have been among the many voices chiming in and being arrested for participating in Occupy protests across the nation. Cartoon Movement has compiled a sketchbook of images, including images from journalist and cartoonist Susie Cagle, who was arrested at Occupy Oakland. Sharon Rosenzweig and Shannon Wheeler also contributed to the sketchbook, which Cartoon Movement plans to update weekly. You can view the Occupy Sketchbook here.

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Susie Cagle Talks to Comics Alliance About Her Arrest

Last week, cartoonist Susie Cagle was arrested during the latest round of violence that has marred the Occupy Oakland protests. Laura Hudson with Comics Alliance interviewed Cagle about the arrest.

Cagle describes the moment the police came to arrest her, along with several other demonstrators:

I found this doorway, and there were tons of people crammed in there — maybe 20 or 30. Many of them had the bright green National Lawyers Guild legal observer hats, and I thought, that is a good place to be. So I ran in there and we all put our hands up thinking this should be all right. We’re away from the action, clearly peaceful, and I have my press badge around my neck. The police come up to the doorway and are basically about to beat us, and we have to scream, “No, no, please please.” About 20 seconds later, they said, “Everyone get on the ground, you’re under arrest.”

Read the rest of Cagle’s interview here.

The Washington Post Tells the Tale of Two Occupy Cartoonists

Two weeks ago, cartoonist Susie Cagle was arrested during a night of violence that marred the Occupy Oakland protests. Despite wearing a press badge and participating peacefully, Cagle and several other nonviolent protesters were taken in for failure to leave the scene of a riot.

Michael Cavna with The Washington Post recently examined Cagle’s work in his blog, Comic Riffs, and compared it to the work of cartoonist Nate Beeler. Both cartoonists are situated in the middle of the action — Cagle in Oakland and Beeler at Occupy D.C. And both have divergent takes on the events taking place:

From his drawing board, Nate Beeler can survey it all. The block-lettered signs and dirt-caked tents, the makeshift meals and ever-present drums. The political cartoonist sits perched in the K Street NW newsroom of the Washington Examiner, on the block neatly overlooking the Occupy D.C. encampment. As the protestors go through their rhythms established from six weeks of autumn squatting, Beeler — amused — can’t help but smirk.

On the opposite coast, in the middle of Occupy Oakland, another talented young cartoonist, Susie Cagle, finds her city’s scene engrossing. So much so that she decides to draw closer, to commune with the plaza’s protestors and understand what makes them tick and picket.

You can read the rest of Cavna’s fascinating article about how these two cartoonist exercise their right to Free Speech here.

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Cartoonist Arrested During Occupy Oakland Protests

Despite wearing a press pass and being recognized by one of her arresting officers, cartoonist and journalist Susie Cagle was arrested last week, during the latest round of violence that has marred the Occupy Oakland protests. Cagle wrote about her experience on her blog:

I was detained for 15 hours and ultimately charged with the same misdemeanor as other demonstrators and NLG legal observers: PC 409, failure to leave the scene of a riot. Our arraignment dates are a month from now, and we were explicitly warned against returning to the plaza in the meantime. As I told ABC7, I feel like the OPD does, I think: confused.

Keep reading…

Sen. Feinstein Seeks to Restrict Federal Definition of “Real” Journalism

Congressional efforts to pass a federal Media Shield Law, which would introduce additional protections for journalists from government interference and surveillance, are being stymied as the U.S. Senate tries to solve a question of definition: Who do we consider “real”…

Image Expo Was A Shining Success For CBLDF!

Last weekend, the CBLDF was in Oakland, CA, exhibiting at Image Expo, a celebration of creator-owned comics commemorating the 20th anniversary of Image Comics. CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein and CBLDF.org editor Betsy Gomez were there representing the Fund and got to meet a lot of our members and supporters, who generously contributed more than $4,000 to our important legal work over the course of the weekend. Brownstein takes you through the Image Expo experience after the jump!