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Neil Gaiman’s “The Day The Saucers Came” Comics-On Tees Available Now!

Hot off the presses, and following a dramatic premiere at San Diego Comic-Con, Threadless & Neil Gaiman’s Comics-On Tees featuring his story “The Day The Saucers Came” is now available for purchase at Threadless! A percentage of the proceeds from…

The Huffington Post Evaluates the Use of Ratings for YA Books

by Soyini A. Hamit

The academic journal Mass Communication and Society published an article in their May 18, 2012 issue about the frequent use of profanities in Young Adult (YA) books. One of the authors, Dr. Sarah Coyne, assistant professor at Brigham Young University, believes that a rating system should be in place so that parents will know what books are appropriate for their child’s age. The Huffington Post takes a closer look at whether such a system is necessary.

New Neil Gaiman & David Mack Print Debuts!

The CBLDF is proud to offer our supporters an exciting new premium by Neil Gaiman & David Mack! This beautiful, exclusive print was contributed by our friends at Neverwear. Silk-screened in Austin, Texas these are the variant blue test run, created in very limited quantities prior to the standard edition grey run.

Printed on a gorgeous French paper called Madero Beach, a 70 weight 8.5 ” x 11″ recycled stock, the prints are full of flecks and bits. Creamy off-white, with 3 colors to show off David Mack’s luscious artwork and lettering.

They are hand-numbered, in an extremely limited artist/printer edition of 90. They are not available anywhere else!

Get yours today!

Arizona Legislature Narrows Focus of Worrisome Electronic Speech Bill

Earlier this month, we announced that Arizona’s HB 2549 — a bill that could have limited constitutionally-protected electronic speech — had been pulled back by the state legislature for revision. This week, Eugene Volokh with The Volokh Conspiracy laid out those revisions, discussing how the revisions conform to constitutional standards. In sharing a letter written by the Media Coalition in opposition to the bill, CBLDF was one of the first organizations to cover a story that had otherwise flown under the radar. In its original form — which the Arizona legislature had passed and was on Arizona governor Jan Brewer’s desk for signature — the bill could have created vulnerabilities for cartoonists and publishers.

Click through for more on the revisions to HB 2549.

ABFFE and NCAC Protest PayPal’s Erotic Content Policy

The American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression and the National Coalition Against Censorship have written a letter to PayPal and parent company eBay in protest of PayPal’s threat to deactivate the accounts of publishers over certain kinds of erotic content.

Last week, it was revealed that PayPal had sent letters to several publishers threatening deactivation of their accounts if they did not remove content depicting incest, pseudo-incest, rape fantasies, bestiality (including non-human fantasy characters), and BDSM. In response, independent publisher e-books Smashwords notified its authors that they would need to remove the content in question because, in its words, “It is not feasible for us to switch to another provider, should such a suitable provider even exist.”

Read the full text of ABFFE and BCAC’s letter after the jump.

CBLDF General Counsel Robert Corn-Revere on Social Science and Censorship

Earlier this year, free speech advocates, including CBLDF, won a victory with Brown v. EMA (formerly Schwarzennegger v. EMA), a Supreme Court decision that struck down a California law that violated the First Amendment and would have included violence among unprotected expression, alongside obscenity. Had the California law stood, it would have impinged upon the First Amendment rights of minors and their parents. It would have had additional repercussions, likely leading to the censorship of violence in other entertainment media, including comic books.

In a recent article for Media Law MonitorMoral Panics, the First Amendment, and the Limits of Social ScienceCBLDF General Counsel Robert Corn-Revere analyzed the Brown v. EMA decision, discussing the lack of scientific evidence that proponents for the regulation of violent speech claimed to have.

Keep reading for excerpts from the article…

The Spirit of Giving: CBLDF’s EXPANDED Holiday Gift Guide

You can still support CBLDF, and get into The Spirit of Giving this holiday season! The Fund is still offering dozens of signed graphic novels, prints and art from the medium’s greatest creators. Join us as we highlight just a few items available today in CBLDF’s Holiday Gift Guide!

When you support CBLDF’s The Spirit of Giving drive between now and December 16, The Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation will make a contribution of $1 for every donation and gift order placed on CBLDF’s website. In addition, they will contribute $5 for each new, renewing, or gift membership made from now until December 31!

CBLDF has signed and exclusive premiums that will please any loved one:

Alex Cox Named CBLDF Deputy Director

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is pleased to announce that Alex Cox has been named to the position of Deputy Director. In this new capacity, his responsibilities will expand to include full oversight of the CBLDF home office and fundraising program. Cox joined the CBLDF in the fall of 2010 as Development Manager.

Since joining the CBLDF last year Cox has improved the organization’s membership program and convention presences. Under Cox’s watch, membership in both the retailer and individual capacities has shown dramatic increases. Cox has also overseen the creation of a more robust volunteer program in the New York home office. Prior to CBLDF, Cox was a 15-year veteran of comics retail, including owning and managing the nationally recognized comic book store ROCKETSHIP.

Speaking about the promotion, Cox said, “I’m extremely grateful to be in a position to help the comics community fight back against anyone that would threaten free expression in this art form that we all love. As a comic fan and student of the art form for close to 30 years, I never thought that I would see anything like the panic caused by SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT in my lifetime. But with the current case in Canada, the creeping specter of censorship and persecution is rearing its head again, making the CBLDF even more important. I’m proud to be a part of it and I look forward to working with our members, retailers, and the creative community in the years to come.”

“Alex has been a great addition to the CBLDF, and we’re excited to be able to develop a space for him to grow even further within the organization” says Charles Brownstein, CBLDF’s Executive Director. “Alex has made great strides in developing our fundraising program in a very difficult time, and his leadership in the office has helped us bring in even more talented volunteers to help us fulfill our work. He’s an extremely valuable member of our team, and we’re glad to see him take on this new role.”