Signed X-Men: Grand Design, Groo, & More Benefit CBLDF!

This week CBLDF supporters can donate to grab graphic novels signed by some outstanding cartoonists, including the brand-new X-Men: Grand Design Second Genesis and X-Men: Grand Design, signed by Ed PiskorGroo & the Thought Patrol PrintGroo: Friends & Foes HCGroo: Play of the Gods TP, and Groo: Fray of the Gods TP, signed by Sergio AragonésUnquotable Trump and Terms and Conditions signed & sketched by R. SikoryakApocrypha Now/God is Disappointed in You Slipcase and Too Much Coffee Man Omnibus Plus HC, signed & sketched by Shannon Wheeler;  and Unlikely GNJedi Academy Volume One HC, and Darth Vader & Son HC, signed by Jeffrey Brown! Don’t wait, donate today to get yourself one of these fantastic signed graphic novels and support CBLDF’s First Amendment work!


gd2 xmengranddesign

X-Men: Grand Design Second Genesis Treasury Edition, signed by Ed Piskor!

X-Men: Grand Design Treasury Edition, signed by Ed Piskor!

grooffhc grootpplay grootpfray

Groo & the Thought Patrol Print, signed by Sergio Aragonés!

Groo: Friends & Foes HC, signed by Sergio Aragonés!

Groo: Play of the Gods TP, signed by Sergio Aragonés!

Groo: Fray of the Gods TP, signed by Sergio Aragonés!

unquotabletrump unquotable


Unquotable Trump Treasury Edition, signed & sketched by R. Sikoryak!

Terms and Conditions GN, signed & sketched by R. Sikoryak!

aprocryphagodslipcase   IMG-0466
  IMG-0467  toomuchcoffeeman

Apocrypha Now/God is Disappointed in You HC Slipcase, signed & sketched by Shannon Wheeler!

Too Much Coffee Man Omnibus Plus HC, signed & sketched by Shannon Wheeler!

unlikely IMG-1357

vaderson IMG-1358

jediacademy IMG-1431

Unlikely GN, signed by Jeffrey Brown!

Darth Vader & Son HC, signed by Jeffrey Brown!

Jedi Academy Volume One HC, signed by Jeffrey Brown!

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