Educational GNs Signed by Scott McCloud, Dave Gibbons, & More Benefit CBLDF!

This week CBLDF is featuring a host of educational graphic novels and resources for our donors! We’ve got some great donation premiums, including signed books about the art of comics: Understanding Comics, signed by Scott McCloud and How Comics Work, signed by Dave Gibbons! We’ve also got great graphic novels including March Book One, signed by Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell, and Watchmen, signed by Dave Gibbons, that correspond with free CBLDF resources, including discussion guides and more teaching suggestions to help you successfully bring comics into your classroom or library. Last but not least, we’re offering bundles of our Panel Power print resource, which provides an introduction to comics and background on why they’re good for kids! You can grab one of these great graphic novels or resources by donating to CBLDF today–your support helps us continue to develop these important resources and our ongoing First Amendment work! 

understandingcomics howcomicswork

Understanding Comics GN, signed by Scott McCloud!

How Comics Work GN, signed by Dave Gibbons!

March Book One NEW PRINT watchmen

March Book One TP, signed by Andrew Aydin & Nate Powell!

March Book One HC, signed by Andrew Aydin & Nate Powell!

March Book One CBLDF Resources!

Watchmen Deluxe HC, signed by Dave Gibbons!

Watchmen CBLDF Case Study & Discussion Guide!


Panel Power: Using Comics to Make Lifelong Readers! Comic Bundles

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