Celebrate 2019 Eisner Winners With GNs Signed by Tom King, Pénélope Bagieu, Wendy Pini, & More!

This week our supporters can join CBLDF in celebrating this year’s Eisner Award winners by donating to receive graphic novels signed by their acclaimed creators! We’ve got a great selection of titles, including: Vision HCMister Miracle TP, and more, all signed by Tom KingBrazen SC and California Dreamin’ HC, signed by Pénélope BagieuComplete Elfquest TP Volumes One, Two, Three, and Five, all signed by Wendy & Richard Pini; plus more GNs signed by Jeff LemireEd Brubaker & Sean Phillips, and Paul Levitz! You can check out the full list of 2019 Eisner Award winners here, and follow the links below to donate for great signed premiums that support CBLDF’s important work!


vision mistermiracleTP

sheriffbabylon batmanrebirth

Vision HC, signed by Tom King!

Mister Miracle TP, signed by Tom King!

Sheriff of Babylon HC, signed by Tom King!

Batman: Rebirth Volume One HC, signed by Tom King!


brazen IMG-1126

IMG-1127 californiadreamin

Brazen SC, signed by Pénélope Bagieu!

California Dreamin’ HC, signed by Pénélope Bagieu!


elfquest1 elfquest2

elfquest3 elfquest5

Complete Elfquest TP Volume One, signed by Wendy & Richard Pini!

Complete Elfquest TP Volume Two, signed by Wendy & Richard Pini!

Complete Elfquest TP Volume Three, signed by Wendy & Richard Pini!

Complete Elfquest TP Volume Five, signed by Wendy & Richard Pini!


badweekend 2019_07_11_171849

IMG-0909 fadeout

Bad Weekend HC, signed by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, & Jacob Phillips!

The Fade Out Dlx HC, signed by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips!lemire_sorr


Green Arrow  by Lemire & Sorrentino Deluxe HC, signed by Jeff Lemire!



75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking HC, signed by Paul Levitz!

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