Small Comics Businesses: Get Your Payroll Protection Program Application In Now!

A new round of funding for the Payroll Protection Program was passed by Congress this week and is expected to be signed into law imminently. The new package allocates another $250 billion to the PPP, and $60 billion for $10,000 emergency grants that fund within days. This round of aid is expected to be depleted in days. For retailers, publishers, and other small comics businesses who haven’t yet secured funding, now is the time to get your application in.

Here are CBLDF’s tools to help you apply for your loan. Please share it with your local retailer and any other business who can benefit from these forgivable government loans.

Government Relief Loans for Comic Businesses helps retailers navigate applying for government relief loans that can help their business weather the current crisis. Watch the full video on the CBLDF YouTube channel and check out the additional resources available below.

Comics retailers, publishers, and other industry businesses are eligible to apply for forgivable 7(a) Payroll Protection Loans and Economic Injury Disaster Loans. Join Clover Press Publisher and CBLDF Treasurer Ted Adams and CBLDF Director Charles Brownstein for this instructional guide on how to put this important government aid to work for you!

This CBLDF webinar covers:

    • What the two types of loans are for and how to apply
    • What kinds of expenses are forgivable under the 7(a) Payroll Protection Loan
    • How to determine your loan request amount
    • What happens if you borrow more than the forgivable amount on the Payroll Protection Loan
    • How to decide which loan to apply for, or whether to apply for both
    • Participants questions in a Q&A period


CBLDF Resources for Comics Businesses

Additional Downloadable Resources

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