Comic Book Greats Host Fan Experiences for CBLDF Members

CBLDF needs your help today! Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, you’ve counted on CBLDF to provide essential resources to help comics businesses and educators, including government aid analysis and remote learning tools. We’ve also maintained our core legal program, funding important casework our community depends on. Now, we need the comics community to help provide the resources we need to do this work, and you can help by becoming a CBLDF member today.

Community is our Superpower. Some of the field’s best creators are stepping up to provide special experiences you can receive when you join the Fund in addition to our standard membership premiums. And when you join at any level, you’ll receive an exclusive sticker set perfect for showing that you’re a part of the CBLDF community. Existing CBLDF members are invited to attend these unique experiences for a small donation.

This week, we’re proud to offer these experiences to our members:

  • Tea with Trina Robbins: Join Trina Robbins, famed cartoonist and comics historian, for an exclusive Q&A session, available at the $100 membership level.
  • Live Art with Brian Stelfreeze: Watch live as acclaimed artist Brian Stelfreeze provides CBLDF members with a look into his process during this live art demonstration, available at the $100 membership level.
  • Insider Comics with Ted Adams: Learn the secrets of the comic industry from IDW and Clover Press founder Ted Adams, available at all membership levels. 
  • Q&A with Dave Gibbons: Ask the legendary artist Dave Gibbons, behind works like Watchmen, your questions and get insight into his work and career, available at the $100 membership level.
  • Live Art with Jim Mahfood: Watch as comic artist Jim Mahfood takes you through his process and answers questions live, available at the $50 membership level.
  • Shop Talk with Paul Levitz: Join industry giant Paul Levitz for a series of talks with comic legends like Walt and Louise Simonson. Gain access to the entire summer series at the $100 membership level.
  • How to Draw with Terry Moore: Learn instructional drawing tips from Terry Moore, creator of Strangers in Paradise and Echo, as he explains his process during a live art demonstration available at the $100 membership level.
  • Live Art with Colleen Doran: Sit in on a live art demonstration with comic artist Colleen Doran, available at the $50 membership level.
  • Live Art with Tim Seeley: Hang with comic writer and artist Tim Seeley as he answers your questions while creating works of art, available at the $50 membership level.

Take a look at some of our current work to see what your critical support can help us achieve.

  • Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, CBLDF has developed essential resources to help comics businesses and educators, including government aid analysis, retailer trainings, and remote learning tools.
  • We’re providing legal and financial support for a group of cartoonists at risk of having their work altered, confiscated, or suppressed in a copyright battle.
  • The CBLDF legal team monitors and combats unconstitutional legislation including library censorship bills in Missouri and Tennessee and new internet and retail censorship laws in Utah and Iowa.
  • Our education desk is developing vital tools for the changing needs of schools and libraries including the recently launched League of Graphic Novel Educators, a bimonthly program aimed to support the use of comics in the classroom.

Please become a CBLDF member. Your membership provides the funds we need to do our work and stand to fight unconstitutional laws. Become a part of the CBLDF community — join today!

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