Celebrate International Women’s Day with She Changed Comics

Celebrate International Women’s Day with She Changed Comics, the untold story of the women who changed free expression in comics. Today is the perfect day to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness against bias, and take action for equality. In celebration of today, CBLDF is making the digital edition of She Changed Comics pay what you want. We’re also offering free teaching resources and student worksheets to utilize these histories for remote learning. If you can’t afford to donate during this uncertain time, name a price of $0 – the important thing is to get and share these histories of women who not only changed comics but changed the world.

CBLDF Presents: She Changed Comics is the definitive history of the women who changed free expression in comics, with profiles of more than 60 groundbreaking female professionals and interviews with the women who are changing today’s medium, including Raina Telgemeier, Noelle Stevenson, G. Willow Wilson, and more! She Changed Comics also examines the plights of women imprisoned and threatened for making comics and explores the work of women whose work is being banned here in the United States. A must for readers of all ages, students, and educators.

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She Changed Comics: Worksheets for Students & Parents

Click here to view download a Middle School Reading Worksheet

Click here to download High School worksheets for Social Studies and Liberal Arts

She Changed Comics: Teaching Guides

Click here to download the Higher Education teaching guide. Compiled by Trinidad Escobar.

Click here to download the High School teaching guide. Compiled by Betsy Gomez.

Click here to download the Middle School teaching guide. Compiled by Betsy Gomez.

In addition to She Changed Comics, CBLDF is offering a huge range of resources for remote learning, including:

Get Free Resources for Remote Learning with CBLDF

Get Free Resources for Remote Learning with CBLDF 

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