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Get Free Resources for Remote Learning with CBLDF

CBLDF is committed to helping parents, educators, and students turn challenges into triumphs in remote learning situations. Check out all the free resources we have for you to help keep your kids interested and learning, including lesson plans and discussion guides for more than 50 graphic novels!

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Coronavirus Resources

The Coronavirus crisis impacts all of us. At CBLDF, we’re here to serve the community, so this week we’re sharing resources that can help you cope with the challenges we’re all facing. We have created new tools, including a comprehensive state-by-state clearinghouse resource for . . .


Love teaching? Join us! Love graphic novels? You are not alone. New to graphic novels but curious? We want you! Wanting to use a specific novel with students? We can help!


New York Comic Con is returning as an in-person event this week, and Comic Book Legal Defense Fund will be there! Join us this Thursday, October 7, at 2:45 p.m. for our panel Defending Comics Today: Contemporary Comics Censorship. Join Interim Director Jeff…

Banned Books: The Internet

An illuminated computer keyboard. Glowing blue in the dark.

Banned Books Week started this week — it runs September 26–October 2. Each week this month, we will profile one of the many spaces in the United States where books are banned. We’ll examine who is banning and challenging them, the…

Banned Books: Prisons

A single packed shelf of books behind the gray bars of a prison cell.

Banned Books Week starts this month, running from September 26–October 2. Each week leading up to the event, we will profile one of the many spaces in the United States where books are banned. We’ll look at who is banning…

Watch Decoding Censorship Now!

Photo of the panel featuring all five participants. CBLDF: Decoding Censorship.

Thank you to everyone who attended our June membership meeting Decoding Censorship. We had a great lineup of panelists, Terry Anderson, Gordon Danning, Jackie Farmer, and Betsy Gomez.  The Comics Code may be gone, but its specter remains. Recoding Censorship examined the changing state of censorship and what…