Get Ready for Halloween with Hair-Raising Reads Signed by Neil Gaiman, Robert Kirkman, & Many More!

This week you can support CBLDF and get in the Halloween spirit with signed graphic novels featuring all sorts of grizzly ghouls and creepy creatures! Donate today to grab titles including Infidel TP, signed by Pornsak Pichetshote, Aaron Campbell, & Josè VillarrubiaThe Walking Dead Volume One HC or Omnibus, signed by Robert Kirkman or Charlie  AdlardDeath Deluxe HC and Graveyard Book Complete HC, signed by Neil GaimanFrankenstein: Alive! Alive! HC, signed by Steve NilesKafkaesque HC, signed & sketched by Peter KuperBatman: The Long Halloween, signed by Tim Sale; and My Favorite Thing Is Monsters GN, signed by Emil Ferris! Donate today to grab one of these spectacularly spooky graphic novels and support CBLDF’s important work!


Infidel TP, signed by Pornsak Pichetshote, Aaron Campbell, & Josè Villarrubia!

twd hc v1 twdomni outcast

The Walking Dead Vol 1 HC, signed by Robert Kirkman or Charlie Adlard!

The Walking Dead Vol 1 Omnibus, signed by Robert Kirkman!

Outcast Vol 1 HC, signed by Robert Kirkman!

Complete Death graveyardbook

IMG-1359 ngsign

Death Deluxe HC, signed by Neil Gaiman!

Complete Graveyard Book HC, signed by Neil Gaiman!

Neverwear’s  “Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules for Writing” Print, signed by Neil Gaiman & David Mack!


Frankenstein: Alive, Alive! HC, signed by Steve Niles!

kafkaesque IMG-1362

Kafkaesque HC, signed & sketched by Peter Kuper!

longhalloweentp batman noir

Batman: The Long Halloween TP, signed by Tim Sale!

Batman Noir: The Long Halloween HC, signed by Tim Sale!


My Favorite Thing is Monsters GN, signed by Emil Ferris!

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