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CBLDF is committed to supporting the comics community. Fill out our form to request assistance or report censorship today!

Report Censorship

CBLDF is committed to supporting the comics community. Fill out our form to request assistance or report censorship today!

Betsy Gomez Joins CBLDF As Web Editor!

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Betsy Gomez, and I’m the new web editor for the CBLDF! I’ve been a volunteer for the CBDLF since 1998, working for the Fund at conventions and fundraising events around the country. If you’ve visited the CBLDF booth at a convention, odds are good that we’ve crossed paths!

What’s kept me volunteering for the Fund for nearly 13 years? First: a strong sense of volunteerism. Second: the absolute belief that we all have the right to read, make, and sell art, whether it be comic books, best-selling novels, or a verse for your local poetry slam. The First Amendment guarantees our right to Free Speech, and that right needs to be defended. The CBLDF is the vanguard for the comic book community, and I want to be on the front lines. I’m no lawyer, so I do what I can: I volunteer.

Molly Crabapple gets Sketchy about CBLDF

Comic Book Resources talked to celebrated illustrator Molly Crabapple, founder of the cabaret and live drawing phenomenon Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, at a recent themed Dr. Sketchy’s event in New York. The theme? Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson’s Transmetropolitan. The fundraiser celebrated the upcoming Transmetropolitan art book, whose release will benefit CBLDF and Hero Initiative. Crabapple talks about the impetus behind the event:

“The CBLDF and the Hero Initiative came to us and asked if we’d be interested in doing a co-promotion with them,” she told CBR News at the event. “Warren is a friend of mine and I’m a huge admirer of ‘Transmet.'”

You can read the full article here.

The Good Fighters: Pam Noles

If you’ve been lucky enough to go to Comic-Con International in San Diego, you’ve seen Pam Noles. As a prominent volunteer in their Guest Relations Team, Pam is often zooming across the exhibit floor with a walkie-talkie in one hand, her guest’s schedule in the other, and a bag overburdened with Things Her Guest Requires slung over her shoulder.

As a volunteer, Pam is indefatigable and single minded in her drive to fulfill her mission. It’s made her an incredible asset to us at CBLDF, who she volunteers for when she isn’t whisking the likes of Neil Gaiman or Bruce Campbell to safety at Comic-Con. Actually, if you’ve been unlucky enough to get to a Neil Gaiman signing at the CBLDF booth after we’ve capped the line, but you were able to get a signature, she’s probably the one who made that happen.

Pam aids the CBLDF when we do fundraising in California, and has always been a valuable resource for the organization behind the scenes. We’re grateful to have found her standing still long enough for a quick chat about her drive to volunteer, and her work for rights organizations like ACLU and the Fund in this first installment of The Good Fighters, CBLDF’s volunteer profile series.

Mar. 11: CBLDF Members Get Discount To ATLAS AT LAST Opening!

Our friends at Baltimore’s Geppi Entertainment Museum are offering a savings coupon to CBLDF members to the opening of “Atlas at Last,” an exhibit debuting on March 11, 2011! Save $10 on admission to the opening party for an exhibit commemorating the period of comics history that saw the cult favorite Atlas-Seaboard comics line on shelves. The first 50 attendees get a special goody bag! Read the full post for savings details!

Neil Gaiman and Jim Lee’s Collaboration, 100 Words, Now Available Digitally

DC’s The Source is reporting: New York Times bestselling novelist Neil Gaiman and DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee’s illustrated poem “100 Words” is available today for the first time digitally. This seven page poem can be purchased for .99 cents through the DC app and All of DC Comics’ proceeds benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

“From The Sandman and Black Orchid to Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?, Neil Gaiman has provided some of the most memorable stories of the comic book industry,” said Jim Lee. “This was a unique opportunity for the two of us to collaborate together and I’m thrilled that the story is now available for even more fans in this format.”

This project was originally published as part of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund 2010 annual comic book and was, until now, only available as a limited edition print on .

“The project began when I was asked to write a hundred word poem about death. And I did. I tried to make it honest and, given the word limit, simple and true,” said Neil Gaiman.

“Jim Lee took my poem and illustrated it, in a beautiful pencil style, turned it into a comic, as a limited edition print that was published by Neverwear for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and it made people happy. It made me especially happy, as I’ve been a fan of Jim’s since Chris Claremont showed me some advanced pages by a talented newcomer, somewhere back in the dawn of time, and we’ve been trying (and failing) to work together ever since.

Most people haven’t seen “100 Words.” I love that there’s now an opportunity for everybody to see what Jim and I did, all up close and digital. And I’m thrilled that DC Comics is publishing it for such a good cause.”

First Amendment Fan Boys

Calvin Reid of Publishers Weekly checked in with CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein about the Fund’s new digs and plans for 2011. Brownstein expects a busy year:

“Stuff keeps coming in, comics are being challenged in libraries, librarians and patrons are being harassed by law enforcement and the issue is growing and very often its about comics,” Brownstein continued. “Librarians are getting threatening calls at home. As long as comics are cool, they will be challenged.”

Check out the Publisher’s Weekly article here.

Cryptozoic Entertainment Partners With CBLDF For Liberty Trading Cards!

Cryptozoic Entertainment™ and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund™ have joined forces to protect creativity by collaborating on a new trading card set. The Liberty Trading Cards set tells the story of the fight to defend the First Amendment and includes chase cards from the greatest creators in comics and entertainment. The set will be released in July 2011, with proceeds from the sales benefiting the Fund.

Green Lantern Member Card Leads 2011 CBLDF Member Incentives!

The CBLDF is proud to unveil our 2011 Member incentives! Leading off with a Green Lantern member card by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert, produced by Graphitti Designs, this year’s member program is the best ever. Read on to learn about our exclusive button set, tote bag, personalized member cards, original art, and other fine art items that we’re offering to thank you for supporting the CBLDF’s First Amendment legal work!

Transmetropolitan Art Book Video!

UPDATE: Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, the Transmet Art Book goal was accomplished today! Thanks to everyone supporting this great project!

The Transmetropolitan Art book is just slightly more than $1,000 away from its goal! To celebrate, ComicVine has brought you this great video featuring Darick Robertson talking about the book! Preorder it here to make it a reality!

RIP Jeff Alexander

The CBLDF is sad to report the passing of Jeff Alexander, past organizer of SPX, the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD. Jeff was an energetic advocate for comics, a cartoonist, and an avid supporter of the CBLDF. He will be missed. The SPX website offers a tribute to Jeff, and fellow SPX organizer Greg McElhatton offers his heartfelt remembrances on his blog.

Transmetropolitan Art Book Nears Goal!

With 17 days left to go, the Transmetropolitan Art Book is less than $6,000 away from its Kickstarter goal! A fundraiser for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund organized by Susan Auġér, this astonishing collection assembles a monster array of great art by great artists to commemorate the visionary graphic novel series! Preorder your copy today and help make this book a reality!

Paul Pope Launches New CBLDF Benefit Print

Paul Pope has created an all new fine art print with master art printers Axelle Fine Arts to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund! See Pope at work on the print, and learn about his passion for CBLDF in this exclusive video by Shahriar Shadab. Then go behind the scenes courtesy of our friends at io9!

This print, The Liberty Tree, was personally overseen by Pope, is archivally printed, and strictly limited to 50 copies, all signed and numbered by artist. Get a print of your very own by joining the CBLDF at the $500 level or $1,000 level, which will also include a separate sketch by the artist! All proceeds benefit the CBLDF’s 2011 program work.

The Transmetropolitan Art Book Is Coming — If You Make It So!

It has been nearly ten years since the release of the final issue of TRANSMETROPOLITAN, the Eisner-nominated comics series from writer Warren Ellis and artist Darick Robertson. Now an all-star ensemble of artists have joined forces to create a tremendous, one-time-only tribute art book with the proceeds going to the CBLDF. This project is being put together by volunteer Susan Auġér on Kickstarter. Preorder now to make it a reality!