Ethics for All: Building Policy Together

Join CBLDF for a workshop around ethics policy, looking at a draft of CBLDF’s updated policies and inviting feedback and discussion on how policy becomes real practices that best serve the comics community as a whole.

2021 Comics in Education Survey

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is proud to announce the second annual Comics in Education Survey! Educators have until July 31, 2021, to respond to the survey at . . .

Get Free Resources for Remote Learning with CBLDF

CBLDF is committed to helping parents, educators, and students turn challenges into triumphs in remote learning situations. Check out all the free resources we have for you to help keep your kids interested and learning, including lesson plans and discussion guides for more than 50 graphic novels!

Coronavirus Resources

The Coronavirus crisis impacts all of us. At CBLDF, we’re here to serve the community, so this week we’re sharing resources that can help you cope with the challenges we’re all facing. We have created new tools, including a comprehensive state-by-state clearinghouse resource for . . .

Love teaching? Join us! Love graphic novels? You are not alone. New to graphic novels but curious? We want you! Wanting to use a specific novel with students? We can help!


Mission: What’s Possible

Image of giant head examining frightened person through large magnifying glass - cover of Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #3, cover art by Steve Ditko

What is the mission of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund? At first glance, the answer to this question seems to be obvious. After all, it’s right there in the name – legal protection for the comics industry, with no…

A Personal Note from Jeff Trexler

Thank you to everyone for the welcoming words and heartfelt comments following yesterday’s announcement. They were a powerful reminder that even more than superheroes the most important legacy of comic books is the comics community.  I’ll have a lot more…

Bone and Watchmen: This Week’s Recommended Summer Reading

This week, we’re challenging you to read a banned or challenged graphic novel! Comic books, graphic novels, and manga are frequently challenged and even banned because the medium thrives on the power of static images that can be taken out of context, and because there is a lingering stigma that comics are low-value speech. Check out our two selections for your #CBLDFSummerReads and download printables to keep track of your reading and more.